Shakespeare is the Greatest Playwright

      Shakespeare for several centuries attracts the attention of scholars, writers, poets, publicists. There are a great number of scientific, artistic and popular works about William Shakespeare, whose creative work is the pinnacle of world drama. Shakespeare was able to embody the thoughts, beliefs, disagreements, problems in images of impressive strength. Life of society and the life of a man he had performed such strong, bright types and conflicts that the world of his works alive and now, his plays and today modern and up-to-date. Many Shakespearean heroes have acquired the general meaning. Shakespearean pieces differ with high artistic skill, earnest humanism, and deep mind. Mastery in the depiction of subtle feelings, latitude in creating characters are combined with an impressive scope of thought, erudition, and the severity of the problems. Shakespeare's comedy is unmatched for a viable force, wit, sophistication. Each row has the sounds of the exaltation of generosity, friendship, love, sincere feelings and real freedom. Yet, in the past, you can find traces of anxiety, sadness, doubt and motives, which escalated into tragedies in acute feeling of imperfection of the world. A tragedy of Shakespeare is big, ambitious for their conflict, unusual for the strength of feelings of heroes. The playwright shows not only external, but also internal, spiritual struggles in his dramas. Shakespeare raises the most vital global issues and gives them deep and wise answers. Shakespeare is considered a brilliant English poet and writer of the Renaissance, because he did not have the equality to deepen unequalled in human psychology, her wildest corners. He saw all the beauty of feelings; totally owned the prowess of the drama. Feature Shakespeare's works are his sonnets. They can hold a huge range of sensations and thoughts, from intimate sympathies to deep philosophical reflections and generalizations. In the same way as in the tragedies, Shakespeare brings in sonnets problem being of concern to mankind, leads to happiness and the meaning of life, on the relation between time and eternity, the precariousness of human beauty and its greatness, about art that can overcome the inexorable passage of time, the Mission of the poet. Eternal inexhaustible theme of love, one of the central in sonnets, is closely bound with the theme of friendship. The poet finds love and friendship is the source of creative inspiration. All this is the greatest playwright named William Shakespeare. His dramas were, are and will be up-to-date, as they explain all human life in the smallest details.