Development of Drama

      I don't stop talking about my favorite writer William Shakespeare but I'd like to say a few words about such an art as drama. Probably the most ancient drama attributed the origin of the Universe; they were linked with food, life, death and religion. Hunters felt that if they clearly will play the scene of hunting, hunting will be good itself. You might have used acting techniques of primitive people in the administration of many sites, but almost nothing is known about them as in ancient times there was no any written language. Civilization is evolved, explored and the plays became written. This meant that they could be played by different troupes. In 19 century melodramas got special popularity - life, concerns of narration, with music and duels, during which the audience views the hero and the villain was booed. Good in melodrama usually defeated evil. Excerpts from the plays published along with images of characters and episodes for toy theatres. We know about plays and theatres through such publications. Nowadays, along with the comedies, tragedies, and melodramas there are many varieties of drama: play without words or play in which actors improvise during the play, television plays, pantomimes and musicals with extremely expensive and difficult settings and, finally, plays, which are performed without scenery. And now I will tell about works of William Shakespeare.